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Daily Vacations? Go on, Sneak one in…

    Yesterday, I had to go into downtown Charleston to run what I thought would be a quick errand.  I had been given the duty of tracking down an item that was to be a wedding gift for Kristin’s sister and fiance.  When I got out of my truck,  I wasn’t super pumped about the weather…It was cold and windy, and I was tired.  However, as soon as I turned the corner onto King Street, my attitude changed. 

Why?  It’s because I really enjoy the vibe of downtown Charleston. 

    The item I was seeking literally led me on a scavenger hunt that took me in a 2-3 mile loop through the city.  As it turns out, no one had what I was looking for, but when I got back to the truck I couldn’t have felt better.  I had just spent about 2.5 hours walking around in the cold and wind loving it!  Then I realized that yeah, it was a “waste” of my time, but it was therapeutic for me.  Kristin and I have both been really busy lately, and just strolling around somewhere I love had helped to clear my head.  

    Most people have an area around their home town that levels them out.  You don’t always have to be on a vacation to relax and wind down. Sometimes you just need to do something you enjoy…Don’t stumble into it like I did.  Make a point to go, you’ll be glad you went…

Happy Travels,

Kristin and Jason

King Street, Charleston, SC

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