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Family Vacations… Taking organization to a new level

My family just returned from our yearly trip to Wild Dunes, in SC.  This is a crowded vacation with 18 members of my extended family in one beach house.  Since I am such a foodie, going out to eat is one of my favorite parts of a trip!  I am sure you can imagine what it is like to eat out with such a large crowd… We enjoyed places like Fleet Landing, Queen Anne’s Revenge, Okra Grill ,and Boulevard Diner.  Each year we run across the same problem, a TON of take out boxes in the fridge.  Finding my own food is a scavenger hunt that always seems to end after I look through every other possible box option. This year my aunt took the initiative to make the food organization easy.  The first night at dinner she whipped out pre-made labels with each family’s last name on it.  What a great idea!

Thanks to Aunt Denise and her label maker, I could easily find my food!

Happy Travels! Kristin

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