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A Little Winter Magic For Ya…

    Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!  We hope y’all had a good one.  We just got back from a nice dinner at Fuji Sushi Bar, which was a solid ending to a good day as usual.
    Something crazy awesome happened this weekend!  I know what you’re thinking…”Does he mean the Olympics?” Nope.  “Could it be the NBA All-Star game?”  Keep guessing…”Oh, Oh, The expo…The Southeastern Wildlife Expo!”  No.  Give up???



    Depending on what part of the globe you’re from will surely dictate your reaction to that news.  You see, down here in the Lowcountry it has only snowed three memorable times in my 29 and 1/4 years. Once after Hurricane Hugo in ’89, then again in 2000, and finally February 12, 2010.  That’s it…

    For everyone that just read this and thought, “So, who cares?” snow is a nuisance, and a normal part of your winter months.  Down here, snow is a myth of winter that seems more like fiction than fact.  Admittedly, after it loses that light and fluffy texture and turns to slush it’s pretty lackluster.  However, for that small window, it’s a piece of life that most locals have been deprived of their whole lives.  I remember in ’89 getting my dad to take the trucks and wheels off my skateboard so that I could ride it down the big hills in the neighborhood.  I ended up with some road rash, but also memories that will last forever.
    So, thanks to the North for letting us have a small taste.  Y’all can take it back now, as it is stinking cold outside!  I’m all ready for Spring, bring the pollen!


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