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All-Inclusive vs. Pay As You Go

    A lot of people seem to struggle with whether to go all-inclusive when they go on vacation.  I am no different, so I am not going to tell you which one you need to pick.  Instead, let’s list reasons to choose both.  That way you can decide what kind of trip you want to go on…


Need a little quality time with your special someone?  All-inclusive trips allow you to focus on nothing but each other.  I wouldn’t recommend anything different for a honeymoon.  Waking up in each others arms and not having to focus on any details of the day is wonderful.  Many resorts cater to couples…

No Unexpected Costs

Once you pay your total balance you are done.  All of your food and alcohol have been taken care of.  Most resorts even include activities like snorkeling, sailing, biking, shuttle buses, and glass bottom boat rides in the bill.  You may have to pay for some spa treatments out of pocket, but that’s about it.

Decisions? ummm, yeah…not for me…
Sure, there are some things that will require your attention, real hard hitting questions like, “Would you like another (insert drink of choice here)?” or “Would you prefer your meal brought down to the beach?”  Nothing life altering though….

Big Appetites
Are you a foodie or a big eater?  Like variety?  You can eat at as many places as you want within the confines of your resort.  If you like what you had, but are still hungry then order it again.  Most resorts offer many different styles of food and dining atmospheres.  You are not limited to a buffet line every night. 

Travel with Less Cash
If you have already paid the bulk of your trip expenses, then you don’t have to have a fat wallet with you everyday.  Just pack some local currency for souvenirs and a debit/credit card and hop on the plane.

Big Family
If you have a larger family or children of varying ages an all-inclusive family resort may be for you also.  Most resorts offer many activities with experienced guides.  Staffed security guards ensure safety within the properties also.  You will feel better about letting the kids go do different things if they are limited to the confines of the resort. 

Pro Tip: Many All-Inclusives are offering huge discounts right now, take advantage while the deals last!

Pay As You Go

Are you an Explorer?
If you like getting out and exploring then pay as you go is for you.  You choose your destinations and set the itinerary. 

No Limitations
You can stay in a different town every night if you choose.  Check out the countryside and local eateries at your leisure.  If you don’t like the hotel or resort you’re at, then go to another one…

Lower Initial Costs
You may end up spending more than all-inclusive, you may end up spending less.  It’s up to you and your budget. 

Check Out the Local Hot Spots
Get out there and do what the locals do.  White sand and blue water are at every tropical destination on the globe.  Local flavor and culture are what changes from country to country.  Go be a part of it!

Hate Touristy Spots?
Braid your hair pretty lady? I was asked that 1,267 times in the Bahamas…At first it was charming, by the fifth time in three steps onto the beach they might as well have been telemarketers, except you can’t just let the phone ring until they hang up…I know they are just trying to earn a living, but wow.  Go find your secluded, private spot with just the people that you want to see there.

Be More Spontaneous
There is nothing to keep you at the resort like prepaid meals and activities.  You will be free to take off on an unscheduled excursion.  

    When choosing between all-inclusive and pay as you go, it really depends on what kind of experience you want to have. If you are leaning towards all-inclusive, I would recommend couples seeking romance to consider Sandals or Couples resorts.  Families should check out Beaches or Breezes.  While pleasure seeking singles may want to bare it all at Hedonism or party until dawn at Club Med.   I hope this has helped you make your decision.  We are happy to help you with your arrangements whatever route you choose. 

Happy Travels!

Kristin and Jason

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