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Charleston’s Haunted Hotels

      Historic downtown Charleston is filled with rich history, and stories of the spirits that still lurk around.  Spook up your Halloween by staying at one of Charleston’s haunted hotels. The first hotel that is sure to give you goose bumps is the Battery Carriage House Inn.  It is known as “Charleston’s most haunted inn.”  Several different spirits and eerie occurrences can happen during your stay.  One well known story about the inn is that of “the gentleman ghost.”  It is said that he was a young college man whose family previously owned the house that is now the Battery Carriage House Inn.  For a reasons unknown the young man jumped off the roof to kill himself.  Visitors of the Inn have seen a faded gray vision of a young man who appears in the room moving through closed doorways and furniture. With one visitor he even laid down beside her, and placed his arm around her shoulder. 

     The Embassy Suites Hotel Charleston is one of the only hotels in the world that is also a historic landmark.  It’s site was originally a fort for the city during the Civil War.  It is now better known as the Old Citadel Building.  “The Lost Cadet” is the spirit that is said to haunt this historic location.  He has been described as a teen aged boy with half of a head.   “Half Head” as he is nicknamed by the staff is known to show up in housekeeping areas, rattling the supply lockers and making visits to guest rooms.   Visitors of the hotel have also said to of seen Confederate soldiers in the lobby area late at night.
     Located on Wentworth Street is the 1837 Bed and Breakfast.  In 1984 this house was renovated from a cotton planters home into a quaint 9 bedroom inn.  The spirit haunting this location is that of a young slave named George.  It has been told that in 1843 George watched his parents being sold away.  Trying to reach the departing boat in the Charleston Harbor, George died trying to swim to them.  Now he has been known to shake beds in guest rooms, turn off and on lights and enjoy the rocking chairs.
If you are brave enough to visit on of these historic Charleston hotels, you will be sure to go home with a ghost story of your own.
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