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Great Friends Give The Best Shameless Promotions!

Thanks to our great friends Wesley and Elizabeth for the kind words!

The Shady Umbrella from Wesley Donehue on Vimeo.

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Nothing wrong with a different perspective now and again…

    In an effort to keep this blog from constantly being written from the eyes of my wife, and to add a different voice to our experiences, I have decided (and been told) to write an entry now and again.  Admittedly, I like to hear myself talk and you, being the captive audience that I imagine, are happy to lend an ear.  

    So…First things first, who am I?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  I am Jason, the fella lucky enough to be married to the founder of The Shady Umbrella, Kristin.  We’ve been married about five years.  I was born and raised in Charleston, SC and the surrounding areas.  I enjoy doing just about anything outdoors, listening to music, and seeing new places with close friends.  Kristin and I have been blessed with great families, a tight circle of friends, and a lazy bulldog.  I am a hard worker, but my that’s not what makes me tick. My professional life just gives me a means to do the things that I enjoy.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my job and consider steady employment a blessing.  I just don’t live to work, I work to live…

    I have officially been named a pro bono associate of The Shady Umbrella.  I managed to run head first into this title after I told my wife that she needed to keep posting fresh content and not let things become stale.  I don’t have any credentials relative to travel other than I like to go new places, but that’s OK. I am not the travel agent, just a different perspective that more often than not is different than my wife’s. 

     So, if you will indulge me, from time to time I am going to write an entry or two.  I hope you enjoy reading them.


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