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Don’t let credit card fraud hit you on vacation

While on a recent trip to New York City we were surprised to get an email from our bank stating that my husband’s debit card was being shut down.  After a lengthy conversation with a Bank of America rep we learned that his debit card was closed due to fraud.  Really?!  How could that be?  We have the card right here!  People are really getting crafty these days, and sure enough the card was used at several places we had not been.  LOVE that Bank of America caught the suspicious activity, but wow what an inconvenience to have the card shut down on vacation.  Quick tips on how to avoid this are below…

  • Let your bank know when you are traveling, especially out of the country
  • Try to use cash when you can
  • If you would rather use your card, use a credit card not debit. (Credit Cards don’t have an automatic withdraw of funds like a debit card has)
  • Open a seperate bank account for travel funds
  • Monitor your spending
  • Keep receipts to double check transactions
  • Know the conversion rates when traveling abroad
  • Immediately let your bank know if you see something shady on your account

Happy Travels!  Kristin

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Family Vacations… Taking organization to a new level

My family just returned from our yearly trip to Wild Dunes, in SC.  This is a crowded vacation with 18 members of my extended family in one beach house.  Since I am such a foodie, going out to eat is one of my favorite parts of a trip!  I am sure you can imagine what it is like to eat out with such a large crowd… We enjoyed places like Fleet Landing, Queen Anne’s Revenge, Okra Grill ,and Boulevard Diner.  Each year we run across the same problem, a TON of take out boxes in the fridge.  Finding my own food is a scavenger hunt that always seems to end after I look through every other possible box option. This year my aunt took the initiative to make the food organization easy.  The first night at dinner she whipped out pre-made labels with each family’s last name on it.  What a great idea!

Thanks to Aunt Denise and her label maker, I could easily find my food!

Happy Travels! Kristin

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